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Barbers cut for men

Price: $30-$35

Perhaps you’re looking for a men’s barbershop near you and find the service to be decent and hassle-free. City Masters Hair & Spa Barbershop is a men’s barbershop near you. It’s not uncommon: many barbers start their careers in these types of establishments. But it’s likely that your favorite barbers will eventually move on to other establishments and grow professionally. While chain salons may offer accessibility and cheapness, maintaining a long-term relationship with one barber there is often difficult.

The Importance of Consistency in Men's Grooming

There are two key benefits to establishing an ongoing relationship with a barber: consistency and speed. As the barber gets to know your hair texture and your styling preferences better, not only does the quality of the haircut improve, but also the time taken to complete it is reduced.

Determining the price of quality barbershop

The cost can vary and depends on several factors: the complexity of the hairstyle, the skill level of the barber and the type of hair. For men, prices are often more straightforward and a basic cost will usually fulfill most hair requests. However, if you want a more complex hairstyle, such as a “zero” cut, expect a longer session and a higher price. To get an accurate estimate, bring along photos of your desired hairstyle and your current look. This will help to more accurately discuss pricing with your barber .

Optimal timing for hair care

Do you like to visit the salon often? If yes, you are in the minority of men. Ideally, a quality haircut should retain its shape even after you leave the barber’s chair. The frequency of salon visits is also related to choosing a barber you trust. This will maximize the longevity and quality of each haircut. In general, depending on your hair growth rate and personal style preferences, you may need a haircut every three to six weeks.

A transformative haircut at City Masters hair & spa barbershop costs only $27. Using state-of-the-art hair care gadgets and high-quality products, our barbers offer unrivaled hair styling solutions specifically for men in the New Jersey region. Add a beard shaping service to complete your fresh look and face the world with newfound confidence.


At City Masters Hair & Spa even boys up to 10 years old can have their hair cut.

Of course, but for this you need to coordinate the time of appointment so that the barber allocated enough time for both haircut and shaving.

The cost of a men’s haircut at City Masters Hair & Spa can vary depending on the length of your hair and the complexity of the cut you choose.

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