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Bikini wax

Price: $40

For those contemplating their inaugural bikini wax, a peek into the procedure can quell curiosity. Bikini waxing constitutes a beauty ritual designed to evict hair from the pubic area. The process employs either warm or cool wax, deftly applied to the hair and swiftly eradicated with a fabric strip. This precision treatment concentrates on the “bikini line,” enveloping the upper leg and inner thigh in its transformative embrace.

Why Bikini hair removal?

The allure of a bikini wax extends beyond mere hygiene; it bolsters confidence, enabling women to revel in their preferred undergarments without hesitation. The aspiration for a smooth, hairless canvas frequently propels women to embrace this endeavor, albeit with a touch of discomfort.

Preparations Before Your Bikini Wax

Optimal Hair Length: Ensure your hair reaches a quarter-inch in length before your appointment, as shorter strands can intensify the discomfort of waxing due to increased resistance during removal.
Strategic Timing: Steering clear of scheduling your wax near your menstrual cycle proves prudent, as your skin tends to be more sensitive during this phase, elevating the level of discomfort.
Pre-Wax Rituals: A day or two preceding your session, perform a thorough cleaning and exfoliation of the area. This enhances hair removal adhesion, ensuring a more effective hair removal experience.
Comfort-Centric Post-Waxing: Opt for soft, breathable underwear post-session, as your skin may exhibit sensitivity and minor soreness.
Aftercare Essentials: Do not overlook the application of a soothing lotion or gel infused with ingredients like aloe vera to mitigate post-wax irritation.

An Array of Styles to Choose From

Standard : This style dispatches hair from the bikini area’s sides and summit, ideal for traditional swimwear.

French: A step further, this technique eliminates frontal hair while sparing a slender “landing strip.” The posterior area typically remains untouched.

Brazilian: Resembling the French wax, this variant extends hair removal to the posterior region, catering to thong bikini enthusiasts.

Full : Dubbed the Hollywood style, this choice leaves no hair unscathed, delivering total hairlessness in the bikini domain.

Whether you’re drawn to bikini waxing for hygiene, confidence, or both, these insights equip you for an informed decision, ensuring seamless preparation for the procedure.

Revel in Skin Perfection Today! Our adept team at City Master’s stands prepared to expertly whisk away unwanted hair, unveiling your radiant, self-assured self. Reserve your appointment now and experience firsthand why we lead the industry.


Absolutely not. On the contrary, it will look more luscious and attractive after bikini waxing.

Unfortunately, we do not perform this procedure on inflamed skin, but will be happy to service you once it has healed.

We recommend removing the piercing before the procedure so that no hair is left under or around it.

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