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Blow dry\out services

Price: $45-$60

Your hair serves as a canvas for your self-expression, a testament to your personal style. Here at City Masters Hair & Spa, we recognize the profound importance of perfectly styled hair in shaping your self-presentation. This drives us to offer an extensive range of blowout and styling services, meticulously crafted to enhance your overall appearance and elevate your self-confidence.

What Sets Us Apart

A blowout transcends mere blow-drying; it’s a bona fide art form. Our adept stylists are versed in the intricate techniques required to deliver that coveted salon-fresh allure while maintaining everyday practicality. Operating as a full-service salon, we take immense pride in presenting an array of outstanding blowout and hair styling services, which notably includes hair extensions.

Be it a demanding workday or an extravagant runway event, our seasoned stylists harbor the expertise to cater to your diverse styling needs. With their nimble hands and an unwavering commitment to precision, you’ll exit our salon not just exuding elegance but also armed with newfound confidence, poised to conquer the world.

What to Anticipate

The blowout journey embarks with a comprehensive shampoo and conditioning ritual, employing only top-tier products. A clean and well-prepared mane forms the foundation for an enduring blowout. Subsequently, your stylist will apply volumizing and fortifying products, meticulously prepping your hair for the upcoming styling venture.

Our stylists wield meticulous precision, laboring through your hair strand by strand to guarantee that your blowout achieves nothing less than perfection. Equipped with high-performance dryers and precision brushes, they masterfully sculpt your desired look, with each stroke propelling you toward your ultimate hair aspirations. As you step out of our salon, you’ll feel rejuvenated and empowered, ready to seize the world with newfound poise and sophistication.

Why Opt for City Masters Hair & Spa for Blowouts

Our thorough consultations form the bedrock of ensuring we grasp your idiosyncratic style preferences, facial contours, and distinct attributes. This personalized approach, the hallmark of our ethos, guarantees that your departure from our salon is more than just a blowout; it’s a transformative look that harmoniously complements your persona while accentuating your inherent beauty.


The standard charge for a blowout is $50.00, but the total may vary depending on any additional services you opt for during your appointment. If you have longer or thicker hair, blowouts are priced at $60. Feel free to reach out to the salon if you have any questions regarding pricing based on your hair’s length!

On average, a blowout usually takes about 45 minutes. However, the duration may vary depending on your specific preferences and the length/thickness of your hair.

Certainly! You can schedule appointments and select your preferred styling for clean, dry hair.

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