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Brazilian wax

Price: $70

At City Masters, we promise unrivaled haircare services with exceptional value for money. We owe our prosperity to our unwavering customer care, high quality, and affordable prices.

Our experienced beauty therapists are highly qualified, thoroughly trained, and have a wealth of depilation experience. After the procedure, you will leave the salon silky and confident, and the effect will last for three-four weeks. In addition, regular depilation treatments result in finer ingrowth of hair, which increases the time between visits.

Why choose our range of waxing products for bikinis?

  • We cater for different skin needs, offering both soft and hard waxes. Our certified skin care specialists will provide a personalized consultation to find the most suitable wax for you.
  • With typical bikini epilation, we aim to remove hairs that will be prominent in the under bikini area. This includes hair on the sides of the bikini area, from the belly button to the pubic bone.
  • Conversely, with extended epilation bikini removal, the hair extends beyond these limits and also engulfs the front of the pubic area. You can opt for a slight styling, be it a line, triangle or square.
  • As for Brazilian waxing, this is the most thorough option where hair is stripped from front to back, which includes the area surrounding the anus.
  • As for how we price, our strategy is simple and consistently outperforms competing options. Don’t delay – book an appointment with us now!

Getting ready for Brazilian hair removal

Make sure your hair is about a quarter of an inch long.

The day before your treatment, do a light exfoliation and use a mild moisturizer, but don’t do this on the actual day of your appointment.

Speak frankly with your skincare consultant about any potential allergies, skin sensitivities or medications you may be taking before the procedure.

Unlike classic epilation of the bikini, which focuses on removing hair visible outside of the swimming costume, Brazilian waxing allows you to lose hair throughout the entire bikini area, all the way from your entire front to your back. You can leave a small decorative section of hair – in the form of a triangle, a thin “landing strip” or a “rudder”. Be sure to discuss your preferences with your aesthetician before the procedure.


Well, it’s not exactly a walk in the park, BUT if you’re fortunate enough to find a skilled technician who has received advanced training, uses high-quality products, and specializes in Brazilian waxing, your experience is likely to be much more comfortable. Just because a salon offers Brazilian waxing on their menu doesn’t necessarily mean their staff knows how to do it properly or has even performed it before. It’s a scary truth, but it happens.

Firstly, there are no demeaning positions involved in Brazilian waxing. The positions chosen depend on the client’s individual flexibility and the necessity to access the specific hair that needs to be removed. As professionals, we select positions that ensure the skin remains as taut as possible to make the waxing process more comfortable for the client. The tighter the skin, the LESS PAINFUL the experience.

Absolutely not! It’s a big NO! We require the hair to be a certain length (at least 1/4 inch) for the wax to effectively grip it. In fact, we prefer the hair to be slightly longer as it results in cleaner hair removal. If you trim it at home, you’re likely to cut it too short, and the wax won’t be able to grip it properly. When the wax can’t grip the hair, it can’t be removed, leaving you with unsightly stubble. This is far from ideal for everyone involved.

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