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Eyebrow waxing

Price: $20

The Artistry of Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing stands as a swift, gentle, and enduring technique to elevate the allure of your brows. This coveted service reigns supreme within our salon. In stark contrast to the tediousness and potential for over-plucking that tweezing entails, waxing offers a virtually painless alternative. The process unfolds expeditiously and with an affordable price tag. As the sessions accumulate, the hairs emerge lighter and weaker, effectively extending the intervals between appointments.

Essential Pre-Waxing Insights

Well-structured eyebrows act as an inherent frame for the visage, accentuating its distinctive characteristics. We advocate that you enlist the expertise of our seasoned professionals to initially sculpt your brows, an architecture that can be seamlessly maintained at home. Prior to your appointment, grant your brows the freedom to flourish, unveiling their authentic contours.

Mastering the Waxing Process

Our waxing procedure is an artful orchestration that deftly eliminates both coarse and fine hairs. Warm wax is meticulously applied using a precise spatula or roller applicator. The aim is symmetrical perfection, guided by discernible landmarks tracing from the nose’s bridge to the outermost edges of the eyes. Typically, the hair is excised from beneath and between the brows, with a subtle trim atop to refine the appearance.

Nurturing Post-Wax Care

Following your waxing session, a soothing cooling gel will grace your skin, quelling any hint of redness or irritation. A mirror will be at your disposal, affording the opportunity to evaluate the results. If satisfaction eludes you, don’t hesitate to request minor adjustments to your brow length or arch height, albeit with a word of caution against going overboard and perpetually resembling a state of perpetual astonishment. Rest assured, our seasoned aestheticians will impart wisdom on how to avoid this pitfall, with the assurance that brows typically regenerate if left untouched.

Bespoke Enhancements

With your brows beautifully groomed, contemplation can shift towards additional cosmetic enhancements. Delve into options such as eyebrow and lash tinting, casting a spotlight on your eyes and imbuing them with depth and definition. Alternatively, explore the realm of mascara and its accompanying pencils, providing the means to replicate these effects in your everyday styling.


At City Master salon, we stand ready to assist you in selecting the ideal eyebrow correction option. Our specialists are poised to execute the procedure with precision and efficiency, ensuring your brow transformation is nothing short of perfection.


The most challenging part is probably the anticipation. It’s not entirely painless, but it’s manageable. When using hot wax and strips, the pain is fleeting – it only lasts for a split second for each eyebrow. If you have a low pain threshold, you can apply a numbing cream beforehand. And don’t forget to treat yourself to chocolate afterward as a reward for your courage.

Not necessarily, but it’s a good idea not to wear eyebrow makeup when you have your appointment. Also, if you have a specific eyebrow shape in mind, it’s helpful to have an idea so you can communicate it to the therapist. If you’re new to eyebrow waxing and have no clue, that’s perfectly fine too. The therapist can recommend a suitable shape based on your face shape since they are trained to make such assessments.

Most likely, there will be some redness, but it’s completely normal. The skin around your eyes is highly sensitive, so a slight pinkish hue is expected. This usually subsides on its own within an hour or two, but if you’re heading out right away, you can speed up the process by using a post-wax skin soothing product.

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