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Is Facial Waxing a Safe Option for Hair Removal?

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Absolutely, facial waxing is a widely favored technique for eradicating hair for both genders, as it offers enduring results by uprooting hair from the follicle. Nevertheless, be vigilant if you’re taking certain medications or using specific skincare products. 

Besides topical treatments, oral medications should also be considered. Certain drugs can increase skin sensitivity, so it’s advised to avoid waxing if you’re on such treatments. For those in this category we suggest alternatives like threading, which targets only the hair, not the skin.

Will hair grow back coarser after waxing? Contrary to popular belief, hair typically regrows at the same texture and density.

Benefits of waxing:

  • Waxing provides a way to uproot facial hair entirely, rather than merely trimming it at the skin’s surface like other hair removal techniques. This leads to softer regrowth, featuring fine, tapered ends, ensuring you don’t suffer from uncomfortable stubble or razor burns. Consistent face waxing results in less hair returning over time, and the new growth tends to be finer.
  • Our specialized hot and strip waxes are incredibly accurate and capable of grasping even the most delicate vellus hairs. 
  • Not just a hair removal technique, waxing also acts as a potent skin exfoliant. By eliminating dead skin cells along with hair, your complexion appears more vibrant, youthful, and healthy. This exfoliation boosts the efficacy of your skincare regimen, as serums can now penetrate deeper layers. Additionally, your makeup will sit more flawlessly on your new, smooth skin.
  • Waxing offers a durability that surpasses other facial hair removal approaches, typically lasting 2 to 3 weeks. It’s a set-and-forget solution!

Post-Wax Skin Care Tips:

  • Skip products with AHAs, Retinol, or any exfoliating ingredients for a week post-wax.
  • We highly recommend Dalton Sun Care’s SPF 50+ sunscreen following any waxing session to guard against photoaging and shield from direct sunlight.
  • Continued use of Dalton’s designated Cleanser, Scrub, Serum, and Moisturizer post-waxing will guard against environmental damage and keep your skin hydrated. Following a quality skincare regimen between appointments will minimize any skin irritation. Consult your Beauty Therapist for personalized advice.
  • Avoid exfoliating face masks immediately after a wax, as they can cause irritation. Opt for hydrating options like Dalton’s Bio Cellulose Anti-Aging Sheet Mask, rich in Celumer Marine Extract and a unique Hydro Performance Lifting Complex. Store this mask in the refrigerator and apply post-wax for instant cooling and soothing.
  • Redness following your waxing session is common; however, avoid applying makeup for at least 6 hours as your pores are open and vulnerable to bacteria. Resume your usual makeup application the following day.

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Getting your skin ready for waxing is a straightforward process. It essentially involves just one step. You need to use a pre-depilatory product that not only cleanses your skin but also provides protection. These pre-depilatory products typically contain antiseptic and soothing ingredients designed to eliminate sweat and any residue from your skin. They come in various forms like gel, oil, or lotion.

There isn’t a universal expiration date for wax products. However, once you open a wax product, its properties can change, particularly if it’s not stored correctly. Expired wax won’t perform effectively; it can become brittle, break, or never reach the ideal consistency where it’s neither too dry nor too moist.

Wax is composed of rosin, which is a resin obtained from pine trees and various coniferous trees. This component possesses an ideal texture for sticking and shaping. Additionally, there are added elements like titanium dioxide, dyes, and scents to improve the wax’s effectiveness and overall look.

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