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Half head highlights for women

Price: $100+

Are you on the lookout for a distinctive and naturally radiant approach to transform your hair? Half head highlights might be the ideal choice for you. Whether you’re situated in Old Bridge or Manalapan, City Masters Hair & Spa stands as the ultimate destination for this enduring hair transformation.

This particular highlighting technique centers on the strategic illumination of specific hair segments, with a predominant focus on the uppermost, visible layers. These segments correspond to the areas naturally susceptible to solar exposure, resulting in a subtle and unpretentious aesthetic. In contrast to comprehensive full head highlights, which encompass the comprehensive illumination of every layer of hair, half head highlights offer a more nuanced and understated outcome.

With a diminished quantity of hair sections under scrutiny, the procedural tempo is significantly accelerated, making it a proficient choice for both the client and the stylist.

The Art of Application

Half Head Balayage: This artful modality entails the methodical application of a lightening agent throughout the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, culminating in a sun-kissed effect.

Half Head Babylights: The amalgamation of half head painting in tandem with babylights begets a subtler and seamless effect. This technique encompasses micro-fine highlights adroitly synchronized with selective placement, culminating in a naturally multifaceted appearance.

Half Head Twilighting: This distinctive approach foregrounds the chromatic dimension of the highlights. Twilighting effectuates the introduction of golden-hued ribbons into brunette hair, yielding a captivating contrast. Employing a half head application finds its ideal application among clients seeking a touch of gilded coloring.

By expressly targeting those specific hair segments most prone to natural solar brightening, half head highlights distill a gentle, sun-kissed allure.

Whether the objective entails brightening the countenance-framing layers or enriching the uppermost hair segment, this technique proves itself as versatile and adjustable in accordance with personal preferences.

Maintenance and Subsequent Steps

Conventionally, it is recommended that clients schedule a return visit to the salon within an interval spanning from 6 to 8 weeks. This prescribed temporal frame underscores meticulous maintenance, ensuring the perpetual endurance of the highlights.

Do not hesitate – arrange your appointment today and partake in the enchantment of half head highlights at City Masters Hair & Spa.


Just like you should refrain from swimming for a week after getting highlights, it’s recommended to wait for a week before washing your hair as well.

The reason behind this is that the hairstylist typically uses nourishing and moisturizing products to safeguard and soothe your hair following the chemical treatment. These products require some time to do their job, and if you wash them out too soon, you risk exposing your hair to unnecessary damage and stress.

Even if the urge to wash and restyle your hair after highlights is strong, it’s crucial to bear in mind that your hair has undergone significant treatment and needs adequate time to recuperate.

The primary contrast between the application of hair dye and getting highlights lies in the outcome, with highlights yielding a significantly more natural appearance.

This distinction arises from the differing techniques used for these two hair treatments. When you opt for hair dye, a solid color is evenly applied across the entire head, resulting in a uniform and consistent hair color upon completion.

On the other hand, highlights are carefully placed on individual strands of hair in small sections. This allows for the selection of specific areas that complement your facial features and enhance your overall appearance.

As natural hair rarely consists of a single, flat color, highlighted hair replicates the nuanced appearance much more faithfully, leading to a more authentic and lifelike hairstyle.

Nevertheless, achieving highlights can be more challenging, making hair dye a more popular choice for individuals who prefer to perform their own coloring at home.

Since highlights typically involve the use of bleach, it’s not feasible for your hair to revert to its original color after the treatment. This is because bleach removes the natural color from hair fibers.

Nonetheless, just because highlights are irreversible doesn’t mean they can’t be altered.

There are a few methods you can use to change your hair’s appearance after getting highlights, or if you’re dissatisfied with the results.

One obvious approach is to let your natural hair grow out. The new hair growing at the roots won’t have highlights, and if you leave it alone, it will eventually return to your original color and shade.

However, this process can be quite time-consuming, and many people find it frustrating.

Another option is to cover your highlights with a different hair dye color. If you decide to do this, it’s essential to choose a dye that doesn’t contain bleach and conduct a patch test on a small area to observe how the color interacts with the highlights.

For a seamless transition as your roots grow, it’s a good idea to match the hair dye to your natural hair color.

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