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Root touch up hair color

Root touch up hair color

Price: $80+

Recent studies indicate that nearly 27% of people experience early graying. While some embrace their silver strands, others prefer to color them. If you fall into the latter category, root maintenance is essential for long-lasting color vibrancy. Here’s what you need to know before scheduling that salon visit.

What Exactly is Root Maintenance?

The area is the birthplace of new hair, making it the first section to reveal your natural shades as it grows out. Root maintenance, therefore, involves reapplying color specifically to this area to ensure a uniform look and prolong your hair’s dyed appearance.

The Time Commitment

Usually, at City Master’s the actual application process for maintenance takes about 20 to 30 minutes. After the color is applied, it requires another 30 to 45 minutes to set, potentially involving heat treatment. Lastly, you’ll spend time washing and styling your hair. So, allot roughly two hours for the whole process.

Different Application Techniques

Liquid Formula: Similar to conventional hair dye, this comes in tubes and needs to be mixed with a developer. It’s then applied to the root area using a specialized brush.

If you’ve hesitated to venture into the realm of new hair colors in the past, now is the perfect moment to make the leap. Entrust your tresses to color experts for long-lasting, radiant, and silky results you’ll adore.

Why Professional Root Maintenance Matters

Having your roots touched up by a seasoned stylist ensures that any emerging grays are effectively concealed, leaving you looking polished and self-assured at all times.

Advantages of Salon-Grade Root Maintenance:

  • Expert color matching, ensuring the newly applied shade seamlessly blends with the rest of your hair.
  • Meticulous color application to the area for full coverage.
  • Investing in professional maintenance helps you look your best and extends the life of your color job.

Is Coloring Your Roots Harmful to Hair?

When Should You Schedule a Root Touch-Up? Touch-up treatments, using high-quality brands like Majirel or Inoa, don’t generally contribute to hair loss. To maintain hair health during the color process, it’s advisable to use top-grade after-color care products .

Though these specialized hair dyes do contain a blend of chemicals, it’s rare to find a completely natural root color treatment. Before applying any shades to your scalp, it’s important to carry out a skin sensitivity test, especially if you’ve had allergic reactions to cosmetic ingredients in the past.

When is a Root Refresh Needed?

The timeline for needing a new treatment varies from person to person, but generally, a touch-up every few weeks helps maintain a cohesive hair color.

  • The exception is gray hair; 
  • Those seeking to cover gray may need to return to the salon every three to four weeks for an effective permanent solution.

In summary, root touch-ups are an effective way to extend the life of your hair shades. If you’re thinking about a refresh, there’s no time like the present.


Unfortunately, our hair dyes are not suitable for concealing gray hair. Semi-permanent dyes are not effective for covering gray roots because natural gray hair lacks the necessary porosity for the color to adhere to it. It’s like trying to hold onto the past year – the color won’t stick to the roots.

Once you’ve colored your hair, it’s best to wait at least 24 hours before shampooing. However, you can immediately rinse it using the Color Care Conditioner.

You should wait for the first color to fade away before applying a new shade or refreshing it. Typically, it takes about 8-10 washes for the color to fade. You can consider recoloring your hair after waiting for one month.

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