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Upper lip waxing

Tired of dealing with a noticeable 'fuzzstache'?

Price: $15

Fed up with the hassle of camouflage makeup and the fear that, in certain lighting, those unwanted hairs might be visible to anyone across from you? If you find these issues resonate with you, you’re likely an ideal candidate for an upper lip wax treatment.

By opting for wax-based removal, you’re ensuring that the little invaders above your lip are yanked out from the roots, giving you an extended break from that pesky afternoon stubble that comes with shaving.

Your go-to spot for such a transformation is City Master’s Salon. Specializing in full-face waxing, we’re here to offer a gentle yet effective approach to banish all your undesirable facial hair. In your search for “lip wax near me,” you’ve found your answer!

Our full-face treatments encompass not just your upper lip but also other regions like eyebrows, chin, sideburns, forehead, cheeks, and nose, giving you a uniformly smooth finish. Visit our pricing page for a comprehensive rundown of our menu and the costs for each service.

Waxing the upper lip involves applying specialized hard wax to the skin above your lip, which, when peeled off, takes the hair with it, root and all.

This quick procedure is often perceived as less painful than alternatives like threading or tweezing. It’s a sought-after method for those aiming for a clear and hair-free area above the lip.

It’s crucial to also pay attention to pre and post-wax measures to minimize irritation and ensure the best results.


When you undergo an upper lip wax, you’re not just removing the hair from the ridge beneath your nose, but also eradicating those strays lurking at the corners of your mouth.

Waxing offers a thorough elimination of the entire hair follicle, ensuring a more extended period before regrowth occurs. Some may experience minimal discomfort and redness post-treatment, but these are usually short-lived.


Opting for a wax over shaving or cream-based removal solutions promises several benefits, including longer-lasting results. 

Bid farewell to the ritual of frequent shaving and avoid the hazards of skin irritation or nicks near your mouth.

  • Sleek, Fur-Free Skin: The immediate benefit is, of course, smooth skin devoid of any unwanted upper lip hair.
  • Extended Relief: Enjoy weeks of fuzz-free living, considerably reducing the frequency of your hair removal routine.
  • Precision: Waxing enables targeted hair removal, ideal for shaping and refining the contours of your upper lip.
  • Budget-Friendly: When compared to options like laser treatment or electrolysis, waxing is easier on the wallet.
  • Thinning Over Time: Consistent waxing schedules can actually weaken the hair follicle, causing hair to grow back finer.
  • Convenience: Whether at home or at our salon, waxing is a quick, relatively low-pain method.
  • Visual Appeal: A hairless upper lip provides a cleaner, more polished appearance, boosting your confidence.


Waxing the upper lip offers a practical solution for those seeking to eliminate excess or even minimal amounts of lip hair. It delivers enduring results at a budget-friendly cost, whether performed by a professional or as a DIY project at home.

For safe upper lip waxing, it’s advisable to seek the expertise of a professional. This ensures access to high-quality products and services, as well as pre and post-wax care from a knowledgeable practitioner to prevent any potential irritation or breakouts.

When it comes to deciding between shaving and waxing for the upper lip, the concern of potential irritation in this sensitive area often takes center stage. Even those without sensitive skin can experience post-hair removal breakouts or redness in the upper lip area. Therefore, choosing a method that minimizes such reactions is crucial for comfortable hair removal and long-lasting results.

This is why many opt for upper lip waxing over shaving. Waxing removes hair at the root, requiring minimal contact with the delicate skin of the upper lip. It effectively grips and removes even the finest hairs in a single swipe. While some individuals with sensitive skin may experience slight redness post-waxing, it usually subsides quickly, leaving behind smooth skin that lasts longer than other hair removal methods.

As previously mentioned, the top choices for upper lip waxing include Starpil’s Starsoft Hard Wax and Pink Hard Wax. These formulations are ideal for facial and upper lip waxing, offering efficient hair removal with minimal discomfort or irritation.

Another excellent option is Starpil’s Calendula Hard Wax, which not only effectively removes hair but also safeguards the skin against inflammation, debris, and breakouts. This formula is highly favored by users of all skin types, especially those prone to breakouts or with sensitive skin. Given the sensitivity of the upper lip area, opting for a specialized formula can make a significant difference in maintaining smooth and irritation-free skin in the long run.

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